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Greek Design on the Island – Clothing

Around the Island

Eclectia in Naoussa

Today we are going shopping in Naoussa! Naoussa has a pretty interesting market and many options to offer. We are after some contemporary greek creations and that is what we find in Eclectia and Electric.

ECLECTIA, is a family business that focuses on the design and production or elegant clothes. Their creations are inspired by the greek landscape and they are made out of natural fabrics of really good quality. We met Orestis, the shop’s owner and he talked to us about their philosophy. The beautiful colors of the fabrics caught our eye and we didn’t miss the opportunity to try some of the dresses on!

Eclectia in Naoussa
Eclectia in Naoussa
Eclectia in Naoussa
Eclectia in Naoussa


After a short walk, we find ourselves in one of Naoussa’s newest additions, ELECTRIC. Once more, we are surrounded by good quality, colorful fabrics and inspiring contemporary greek design. Amongst the great variety of clothes and accessories, Electra’s own creations really stand out. As she talks to us about her work she doesn’t miss the opportunity to put on a couple of her own handmade manteaux and we don’t miss the opportunity to takes some photographs!

Electric in Naoussa
Electric in Naoussa
Electric in Naoussa
Electric in Naoussa
Electric in Naoussa


You will find both Eclectia and Electric in Naousa. Eclectia is just off the main square while Electric is next to Agios Dimitrios beach.

Walking around Ampelas

… a little fishermen village, on the eastern coast of Paros.

Sea kayaking around Antiparos

The sea was calm, so paddling was easy and relaxing, while the proximity to the surface of the sea gave us a unique perspective of the wonderfully blue waters of the Aegean.

Autumn Sailing

The wind is perfect and the last bit of sunlight for the day makes the bay and Naoussa at the background look even more magical!

Hiking & Herbs

The mountains of Paros are full of nature’s pharmacy’s pure products.

Day cruise to Koufonisia

The flirt between the yellowy rocks of the islands and the clear waters of the Aegean sea results to various turquoise hidden paradises.

Coffee & Snack in Naoussa

After finishing off what has to be done, it ‘s time for a coffee and a quick snack, before leaving the village.

Paros on a motorbike

Getting around Paros by bike is easy, since its morphology and roads make it one of the most accesible and bike friendly islands.

Climbing up to Agios Antonios

On such a clear day, the views are stunning!

Pruning vines

February is the month of pruning the vines, so even though the landscape seems a little bit dry, there is a lot of activity going on at Moraitico winery.

Greek Design on the Island – Accessories

Accesories, objects and jewelry which combine simplicity and forms deriving directly from the rich greek tradition