Arokaria Notebook

Breakfast at Dreams


One of the things we are particularly proud of at Arokaria is the breakfast we serve daily at Arokaria Dreams.

On our buffet, there is always a variety of freshly made delicacies suitable for all kind of different diets. You will find greek yogurt, fresh fruit, oats as well as other cereals, cakes and a big variety of jams and marmalades made by Kontessa, Anthie’s mother, honey and tahini, fresh eggs, cheese, turkey & salami and of course something special every day. It may be an omelet or a courgette pie or even those delicious cheese and salami strudels that we had today!

As we are very sensitive to different diets, upon request we can also prepare for you something that suits your needs. Kontessa has actually become an expert on gluten free bread!

Καλή όρεξη! Bon appétit! Buen provecho!


Breakfast is served daily at Arokaria Dreams between 8:30 and 10:30

Dish of the Day – Imam –

Today’s Dish of the Day at Arokaria Dreams is Imam, prepared by Anthie.

Thank you

Our dear dreamer, farmer, father, Love and Light in your path.

Making of our new signs | video

Our brand new signs getting ready! Our logo imprinted on plywood.

Dish of the Day – Pizza –

As I walked in the kitchen I bumped into Kontessa and Fotini making pizza.

Dish of the Day – Briam –

A classic summer favorite for today made by Anthie with love!

Colours & Details

It all starts coming together! The first rooms of our new Arokaria Seaside are ready! Full of colour, full of light and funky details.

Love is in the air

And how couldn’t it be with Sophie, Bertrand and their loved ones staying with us and sharing their special day!

Arokaria Seaside, the transformation

Working hard and having fun while transforming our new Residency on the seafront of Ambelas.