Arokaria Notebook

Christina, the weaver

The Locals

Christina, the weaver

I was born and brought up in Paros. My father is originally from Paros, while my mother is from the island of Paxos in western Greece. My great-grandmother was a weaver and my grandmother used to knit.

After finishing school in Naoussa, I went to Athens to attend courses in traditional weaving and embroidery.

When I moved back to Paros, I got myself a loom and I set it up home, where I started working. Things moved on well and I enjoyed it, so I decided to open my own shop. I converted my grandmother’s old house in a shop and workshop and that is where I have my loom and sewing machines set up at the moment.

I use traditional techniques and I make anything from rugs, curtains, table cloths to handmade embroideries.

Paros for me is a place where I can live in calmness and enjoy human relations.

I love taking long walks in nature or explore a place cycling.



Christina’s shop and workshop Kokkini Klosti Demeni (red tied thread) is located in the upper neighborhood of Naoussa and it’s open all year around in the morning till 14:00 and in the afternoon after 17:00.

Fanouris from Marmara

I got my hands on an old bagpipe. I started exploring it and I ended up restoring it myself and making one from scratch.

Marina, the barber

Here in Paros, I confront myself with clarity and I progress as part of nature.

Pantelis, the farmer

What I love about Paros is the serenity of the island.

Keren, the pilates instructor

I like Paros’s vibrant energy in summer and its wild melancholic beauty in winter.