Arokaria Notebook

Keren, the pilates instructor

The Locals

Keren, the pilates instructor

I was born in Athens by a Greek father and English mother. Since I was little I loved dancing and I was constantly on rollerblades.

At the age of twelve I moved to England, where I attended the gymnastics academy after finishing school and I got in touch with alternative therapies.

In the summers I ‘d visit Greece and it was a friend who first brought me to Paros.

When I turned twenty-six I moved back to Greece. Shortly after, I suffered three slipped disks in lower back. It was pilates that helped me recover from the injury. And so I became instructor of the classic method of pilates and in 2011 I decided to open my own studio in Paros, where I had already worked for a couple of summers.

Paros for me is an island that offers everything! nice young people, beaches, beauty, mountains, secret paradises!

I teach pilates all year around and I also do body work, which consists of a combination of various techniques.

When I get back to the island after being away for a while, it awakens beautiful feelings.

I like Paros’s vibrant energy in summer and its wild melancholic beauty in winter.


Keren’s Stretch Pilates studio is located on the ring road of Naoussa.

Marina, the barber

Here in Paros, I confront myself with clarity and I progress as part of nature.

Fanouris from Marmara

I got my hands on an old bagpipe. I started exploring it and I ended up restoring it myself and making one from scratch.

Keren, the pilates instructor

I like Paros’s vibrant energy in summer and its wild melancholic beauty in winter.

Christina, the weaver

Paros for me is a place where I can live in calmness and enjoy human relations.

Pantelis, the farmer

What I love about Paros is the serenity of the island.