Arokaria Notebook

Marina, the barber

The Locals

Marina, the barber

I was born and raised in Nikaia by Parian parents. I used to come and spend the summer in Paros, in our family house.

I carried out pedagogical studies, as well as studies on piano, accordion, theory and byzantine music. I taught music and I worked in schools and kindergartens.

At some point my parents decided to move to Paros. In 2003 my brother with whom I lived, moved to the island too and he opened a barbershop. Five years later he moved to the neighborhood of heaven.

Since the barbershop to me was his whole personality, I decided to come here and take it over.

Seemingly, everything changed in my life all at once, but essentially my flair for care of others was fulfilled. Through the barbershop, I found the will to explore all talents that nature blessed me with.

Arriving at Paros, in order to handle the changes and channel my creative energy, I got involved with the local cultural clubs and decided to give theatre a go. I realized that the island offers many alternatives in terms of expression through participation. So far, I ‘ve had roles in various plays presented by four out of the approximately ten theatre groups of the island.

Here in Paros, I confront myself with clarity and I progress as part of nature.


You can find Marina at Grigori’s barbershop in the streets of Naousa.

Keren, the pilates instructor

I like Paros’s vibrant energy in summer and its wild melancholic beauty in winter.

Fanouris from Marmara

I got my hands on an old bagpipe. I started exploring it and I ended up restoring it myself and making one from scratch.

Christina, the weaver

Paros for me is a place where I can live in calmness and enjoy human relations.

Pantelis, the farmer

What I love about Paros is the serenity of the island.