Arokaria Notebook

Pantelis, the farmer

The Locals

Pantelis, the farmer

I was born and raised in Paros, in Kostos. My grandfather was a farmer, he had a field in Ysterni.

From a young age I started working in construction, placing tiles. I did that for fourteen years till the crisis stroke. It was about four years ago that I decided to take up my grandfather’s field and start working with the land.

I did a drilling in the land for water, I installed electricity and I built a greenhouse.

I first started cultivating oyster mushrooms and little by little I expanded. I cultivate all year around. In winter, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce etc. as well as tomatoes in the greenhouse. In the summer, aubergines, zucchini, cucumber, coriander, dill etc.

I have also set up a banana cultivation and I want to give a try to pineapple as well!

A year ago, I set up a kiosk where I sell all my products, fruits, vegetables, fresh eggs etc. throughout the year.

In the morning I work at the kiosk, and in the afternoon on the land.

If I knew what was coming, I would have never worked in construction in the first place.

What I love about Paros is the serenity of the island.


You can find Pantelis’s kiosk about 4 km south of Naoussa, on the main road. Pantelis is there between 8:00-14:00 every day apart from Sunday.

Christina, the weaver

Paros for me is a place where I can live in calmness and enjoy human relations.

Keren, the pilates instructor

I like Paros’s vibrant energy in summer and its wild melancholic beauty in winter.

Fanouris from Marmara

I got my hands on an old bagpipe. I started exploring it and I ended up restoring it myself and making one from scratch.

Marina, the barber

Here in Paros, I confront myself with clarity and I progress as part of nature.